“Nick and the BLOC team have helped me build an excellent base of strength over the past six months. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for assistance in their fitness journey, from the absolute beginner to the advanced athlete. Nick and the team helped me economize the time needed to achieve my fitness goals and kept me dialed in throughout the ups and downs of daily life as it relates to my training.  It’s true ‘white glove’ treatment, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

- Brooks H.

"Nick is a fantastic strength and conditioning coach. He was able to quickly identify and fix my form issues, and within a couple months of consistent training I was setting new PRs in all of my lifts. His programming helped me add 50 points to my military physical fitness test score. I highly recommend Coach Koldewey to anyone who wants to improve their training." 

- Justin M.

"Nick is a fantastic strength coach. Since working with Nick he’s helped me PR in a big way on all my lifts. My personal favorite has been the 90lbs chins!  Nick’s work on my form has been spot on and I couldn’t have reached my strength goals without his help. Thanks Nick!"

- Danial S.

"Nick was a pleasure to work with. Professional and personable. Thanks to his guidance, my bench press feels smooth and stable and it’s now my favorite lift. One of his many queues even helped my wife through some benching troubles of her own. My squat max is way higher now and still climbing! I’m excited to see where my lifting goes from here and will definitely be asking for his help in the future if ever I decide to sign up for coaching again!"

- Sam W.

"Since I've started training on BLOC in April 2020, I've had Gillian, then Staci, and finally Nick, as my nutrition coaches. Nick is incredibly competent in what he's doing - he provided me with real-life tips, where especially life gets in the way and it's not always possible to eat the way one is used to. He always kept me accountable in my nutrition plan, and since I've started getting nutrition coaching I'm down to 95 kgs from 107, keep hitting PR's in all my lifts and got much leaner in the process. He left me with all the necessary tools for eating a balanced, optimal nutrition. I'd absolutely recommend training with him."

- Alican S.